Current Officers


Caitlin Blackford

President,           caitlin_s

Major: Journalism, concentration in Public Relations

Campus Involvement: Indiana Daily Student

Internships: Social Life Marketing intern and Sales & Marketing intern for The Buckle

Students should get involved with PRSSA because it is a great way to get professional and industry experience. PRSSA also provides a lot of great tools such as social media and graphic design lessons that are essential in the PR field. For me personally, PRSSA was what I used to decide if I wanted to pursue a career in PR. I was able to get hands on experience, that I did not receive in class, and I was able to decide that PR was definitely the field for me!

Carrie Latimer

Vice President,


Major: Media, concentration in Advertising

Campus Involvement: Assistant in the Media School Communications office, member of Dean’s student advisory committee

Internships: Digital Marketing intern at IU Press, Communications assistant at The Media School, Agency 7, Social Media Coordinator at David’s Bridal Bloomington, PR & Social Media intern at Cook Medical

PRSSA opened so many doors for me and was the catalyst for every single piece of experience I have on my now stellar resume. I saw a flyer hanging in Ernie Pyle (#tbt) and decided to show up to a meeting. I came for the free pizza, and stayed for the #youngprofesh #networking #opportunities. PRSSA is my PRSS-bae. 

Kelsey Harding


Director of Membership,

Major: Journalism, Minors in Marketing and Psychology

Campus Involvement: IU Dance Marathon Public Relations Committee, Hutton Honors College, Intramural Sports

Internships: Corporate Marketing Intern for the Wabash National Corporation, Marketing intern for School Datebooks, Social media intern for Find8 Digital Marketing

I first got involved with PRSSA my freshman year when one of my older friends, who was an officer at the time, encouraged me to join to meet some new people on campus. It was great way for me to get to know other students in my major, who could give me advice on everything from professors to applying for internships. Since then, PRSSA has given me so many great leadership opportunities, allowed me to develop my PR skills outside the classroom and connected me with so many fellow PR folks, both students and professionals from around the country.

Alyssa Lancaster



Major: Media Advertising, concentration in Public Relations

Campus Involvement: Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, Bloomington Advertising Club, Indiana University Dance Marathon

Internships: Social Media Intern for Farmers Insurance, Marketing Intern at McGraw Conglomerate Corporation

I got involved in the PRSSA because I wanted to further my knowledge of Public Relations outside of the classroom. I wanted to be put into real-life situations that would be beneficial to me post graduation. I also wanted to make connections to other students within the Media School, and have networking opportunities the PRSSA provides students.

Katie Chrisco

Co-Director of Communications, katiechrisco95@gmail.comunnamed

Major: Journalism, minor in Spanish

Campus Involvement: Indiana Daily Student Arts Editor, Hoosierettes Dance Team 

Internships: Summer intern for Ascendant Group

Students should get involved to learn more about the industry as well as meet and make friends with other students interested in PR! I first got involved after my mentor at my first internship suggested it. I wanted to learn from all the benefits PRSSA has to offer, including workshops, panels, and making new friends. 

Bryn EudyIMG_0676

Co-Director of Communications,

Major: Journalism, Liberal Arts Management

Campus Involvement: Indiana Daily Student Marketing Staff, Ernie Pyle Scholar

Internships: Summer intern at Engage Columbus

Coming into IU last year, I knew that I wanted to get involved with PRSSA. Before the year started, I e-mailed the current president. Her kindness and willingness to answer my questions really encouraged me to be a member of the chapter. The atmosphere of the club is very welcoming, and the networking opportunities are fantastic. I thought that joining would allow me to connect with fellow PR-focused students. An added reason to join-PRSSA gives you the opportunity to travel!

Annie Quigley

Director of Programming, Publicity and Professional Development,


Major: Media Studies, concentration in Public Relations

Campus Involvement: Member of Entertainment Marketing Team for the Indiana University Student Television Public Relations and Marketing Department., Recording and Corresponding Secretary as member of the Executive Committee of Phi Mu Fraternity, Fundraising Volunteer for Indiana University Dance Marathon., Hutton Honors College        

Internships: Social Media Marketing & Promotions Intern at Do317 Media

I first got involved in PRSSA as soon as I realized that PR was the career path I wanted to pursue. I found out about the student organization from Lauren Little (she rocks!!) and from there, I attempted to be an active member. Even if you don’t necessarily have a direct interest in PR, PRSSA is a fantastic way to learn more about campus life at IU. Beyond the great people you meet within the organization, PRSSA offers valuable resources and alumni connections. I would definitely recommend PRSSA to anyone who is looking to grow as a professional. 

Elyse Appelblatt

Co-Director of Programming and Professional Development,

Major: Sport Communication, Telecommunications

Campus Involvement: Director of the Student Athletic Board,  Athletics Chair for Indiana University Dance Marathon

Internships: Digital Sports Marketing Intern at Seaters

PRSSA is an amazing resource for those interested in Public Relations to get hands-on experience right here on campus. Our lovely Kelsey Harding first told me about PRSSA and I couldn’t wait to get involved. Since joining, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the PR industry, quickly gain leadership experience, and develop my PR skills outside of the classroom.

Allie Hitchcock170517_portrait test-12125 (1).jpg

Director of Alumni Engagement,

Major: Journalism, specialization in Public Relations

Campus Involvement: Research Assistant to Dr. Mike Conway in the Media School through Cox Research Scholars Program, Media School ambassador

Internships: Corporate communications intern for Finish Line, Inc., editorial intern for BigChoice Group marketing consultancy, development intern for Silver Bay conference center in the Adirondacks

Students should get involved with PRSSA to meet like-minded students at IU and beyond, to grow their networks and to learn and practice PR. I have met both amazing friends and trustworthy mentors through our PRSSA chapter, and I know I will be able to enter the PR job field with confidence and practice under my belt, all directly or indirectly thanks to PRSSA

Sydney Heile
Sydney + edits.jpg


Major: Public Relations, with minors in Marketing and Spanish

Campus Involvement: Volunteer tutor for El Centro Communal Latino, social media coordinator of Career Development Center

Internships: PR/marketing intern for Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.

I first got involved with PRSSA because I wanted to get to know my fellow PR major students and I wanted to start learning about PR in the real world, outside of our classrooms. I figured PRSSA would offer me opportunities and help me grow! I think that even in my short time as a member, PRSSA has taught me so much and I’ve enjoyed being a committee member. I would encourage anybody remotely interested in PR to attend a few of our meetings because you never what you’re interested in until you try it, but if you are set on the PR track it’s a no brainer. Joining PRSSA has allowed me to make great friends and connect with PR professors and professionals, and on top of all that I’m learning about the industry and gaining skills as I go!

Grace StrykerDSC_0085.jpg


Major: Journalism, concentration in Public Relations

Campus Involvement: VP of communications Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, Public Relations committee for Indiana University Dance Marathon.

I got involved with PRSSA because I saw how much one of my friends liked it. She would talk about all the different things she was doing and learning through it. Since joining PRSSA I have been able to network with other students in the Media School and have learned about different areas of Public Relations.

Taryn McCarthyIMG_2928

Director of National PR,

Major: Media Advertising, concentration in Public Relations

Campus Involvement: Member of Alpha Xi Delta (former Recording Secretary), U Bring Change 2 Mind (former Marketing & Design Director)

Internships: Fashion Board Intern at Nordstrom, Marketing & PR Intern at Lilah Beauty, Marketing & Events Intern at TH Productions 

Students should get involved with PRSSA because it provides you with everything you need to jumpstart your career in PR. It also connects you with other students who share your same interests and builds a community of PR students on campus. 


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