Travel PR: Where I would take a London blogger

By Taryn McCarthy

London is a phenomenal city. After coming to study here for a semester I have fallen madly in love with it and everything it has to offer. I’ve also grown an interest for a career in Travel PR, which I never had considered before. If I worked in Travel PR here, my job would essentially be to promote London.


The view from Duck and Waffle. 

Most cities have their own Travel PR firm that works tirelessly to advertise the beauty and worth of their city, and draw in more people to visit. London’s official Travel PR company is called Visit London; it promotes tourism by illuminating the beauty of London.


So, imagining I am a Travel PR employee in London, I’ve rounded up my best list of beautiful and enjoyable places that I would take a blogger in London.

Morning Activities:

Duck & Waffle
Waffles at the top of a skyscraper? Yes. Please. Duck & Waffle
provides a spectacular view of London with amazing breakfast, and it’s open 24/7. The perfect place to take a blogger. I would probably take them here around sunrise because the view and food is worth waking up early for.

Afternoon Activities:

One (or more) of the London Markets


Mac and cheese from the market.

The markets of London are one of the things that makes the city so unique. At the markets there are vintage finds, fresh food (lots of it), handmade goods, drinks and more.


My favorites are:

  • Borough Market: the best food
  • Camden Market: tons of vintage clothes along with good food)
  • Columbia Road Flower Market: hundreds of beautiful flowers, except it’s only open on Sundays!

London’s (free) Museums: Exhibition Road:

One of the wonderful things about London is all of the free museums.

Located in South Kensington, Exhibition Road is home to multiple museums and academic buildings. My favorite is the Victoria & Albert Museum, which is full of over 4 million pieces of arts & design.

Hyde Park

London is also known for its parks and squares all around the City. In Hyde Park you can find Kensington Palace, a pond, ice cream trucks, dogs and beautiful scenery.

Afternoon Tea: Sketch

It’s unusual to come to London without sitting down for some afternoon tea. While I haven’t been to this place myself (it’s a bit pricey), Sketch is one of the most aesthetically

The perfect spot for afternoon tea. 

pleasing places to take someone for afternoon tea.


It’s constantly on social media, and these pictures explain why. One of the most instagrammed spots in Sketch is their bathroom, where the stalls are huge egg-like pods. Definitely an experience

Evening Activities:

Sunset on the Thames

The Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) is beautiful right at sunset, when the clouds turn into beautiful cotton candy colors, and reflect on the River. There are a collection of pubs, restaurants and cafes along the river which make for a relaxing and picturesque evening.

West End Show

London’s West End has been sprawling with talented actors for years with their bustling theatre scene. Taking a blogger to a theatre show is the perfect way to immerse them in a huge part of London’s culture.

London has dozens of shows to choose from.



There are dozens of shows to choose from, some even have famous big screen actors in them, like Daniel Radcliffe. It’s especially easy to see shows because you’re able to buy discounted tickets from multiple websites like this one.

This post has only touched the tip of the iceberg with what to see in London. However, it includes the things that are extraordinary about London, such as the renowned theatre shows, various markets, afternoon tea and more. These things are what drive tourists to come to London and are what I would promote as a Travel PR employee.

All in all, Travel PR is a very important profession and firms can bring in lots of money to the cities they represent.