Three tips to maximize your PRSSA experience

Whether you’re a new member this semester or a seasoned PRSSA member who has been around for several semesters, it’s never too late to get involved and take advantage of all of the great opportunities PRSSA provides. There really is so much to get out of your PRSSA membership, and being an involved member is a sure way to kickstart a successful career in the PR industry.

Follow these three simple tips to maximize your PRSSA experience and make those dues worthwhile:

1.Join a committee

The committees are what PRSSA is all about, and here at the IU chapter, we have several to cater to every interest. This is such a great way to get real-world experience! And if you don’t have much experience with PR, don’t let that hold you back; this is the perfect way to learn. Attend every meeting you possibly can, pick a committee (or two) to devote your time to and pull your weight!

Aren’t sure you’re getting enough work to do? There’s always something to be done. Take initiative and ask the committee head if there’s something you can take off their plate. Here are the committees our chapter offers:

  • Programming and publicity: organize events and speakers for our chapter, and help to publicize those events
  • Greek Media Training: help plan and host a crisis communications training session for IU Greek chapters on campus
  • Ketchum: this is low maintenance and gives you a chance to submit PR campaigns for real clients
  • Fashion and Culture: choose from arts clients or fashion clients and aid in their PR work
  • Sports: publicize sporting events and activities around campus
  • Non-profit: work with local-non profits to aid in their PR work  


2.Attend programming events

We plan events every semester for our members, such as the Young Pros Panel; agency tours; and resume and cover letter workshops. These events are specifically for our members to network and learn more about the PR profession.

The speakers and hosts are your future employers and they are doing real-world PR work, so take advantage of these awesome opportunities. Some events we have coming up this semester include (stay tuned for more):

  • Monthly mass meetings, including workshops of some kind
  • Feb. 21: Graphic design workshop
  • Feb. 23-25: Chicago agency tour
  • TBD: Dinner with alumni


3.Utilize member benefits through nationals

Fun fact: only a small portion of your yearly dues go towards the IU chapter — for things like pizza nights and guest speakers — everything else goes to the national chapter so that they can provide awesome member benefits. What member benefits you ask? The PRSA website includes a full listing, but here are the high points:

  • Scholarships, awards and national competitions
  • Internship center (many employers advertise strictly on this site)
  • Leadership opportunities (chapter exec board and national)
  • PRSA JobCenter (for when you’re looking for that #adult job)
  • Discounted PRSA membership (again #adult stuff. Who doesn’t like saving money?)
  • Portfolio-building opportunities (write for the PRSSA blog and others)


Don’t just pay your dues and sit tight for your whole college career. Make the most out of your PRSSA experience. Ok, now go!



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