Five PR Lessons We Learned from Gilmore Girls

By Kelsey Harding

In honor of the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival season coming on Nov. 25, here are five PR tips we can learn from our favorite mother-daughter duo!

1. Problem Solving & Crisis Management

Nobody particularly likes it when problems come up, least of all Lorelai Gilmore. However, as PR professionals, dealing with crises and day-to-day problems for our clients is just part of the job. As we can learn from countless case studies, such as the infamous Toyota recall of 2010, it’s much more effective to own up to mistakes and come up with a plan to improve public image than to try to cover things up.


2. Do Your Research

Channel your inner Rory Gilmore and hit the (figurative) books before starting any new campaign, fact sheet or news release. It’s so important to know your client’s mission statement, target audience, intended outcome, event details and so much more. Think of research as the foundation for the rest of your PR work.


3. People Skills are a Must.

Our dear Paris Geller may not have been cut out for the people-oriented world of public relations. The PR field involves constant communication with your clients, your co-workers and journalists, just to name a few groups. And to be successful at that communication, professionals need to develop strong listening skills, flexibility, persuasion and patience, among others.


4. PR is a Lifestyle.

Granted, the girls were talking about pizza here (#relatable), but the main point still stands. As you dive more and more into the world of public relations, the skills you learn, from the ways you solve problems to writing in AP style, start to seep into your everyday life. It’s truly not a just a job, it’s a lifestyle.


5. And, of course, coffee.

No Gilmore Girls list would be complete without coffee. Where would Lorelai and Rory be without their daily cup from Luke’s in the morning? Where would PR be without caffeine-fueled professionals? Luckily, the world will never have to know.



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