Tips to a killer LinkedIn profile, as told by New Girl GIFs

By Katie Hogue

Your LinkedIn profile is your first impression to employers before they even meet you. If you want to start off on the right foot or even get an interview, you have to ace the LinkedIn background check. Here are 4 tips to a killer profile that will help you #GetHired.

1. Get a good picture


That’s right, it’s time to ditch the fraternity composite or high school senior picture you have in there now. Make it professional. Dress up in BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL clothes and clean yourself up. Your picture is the very first thing someone sees when going to your profile, and, like it or not, people are judged by their appearance. Using a professional headshot as your LinkedIn picture signals to employers that you know how to dress appropriately and will represent the company well.

#2 The summary is your chance to shine

giphy (1).gif

Use the LinkedIn summary to tell employers what your best qualifications are and why they should hire you. After your picture it’s the next thing they will see on the page as they scroll down. Use it to showcase your most important accomplishments and what skills or personality features differentiate you from the competition. After reading it, employers should feel like they know you and how you will add value to their company.

#3 Organize your sections by relevancy

giphy (2).gif

Not all employers will take the time to scroll all the way through your profile and read every section. Most likely, they will not. Therefore, you should put the most important and recent things at the top of your resume. Typically, relevant work and club experience should be at the top of your resume with honors, awards and skills in the middle. Information that isn’t as relevant to your job such as volunteer experience and personal details should be at the bottom.

#4 The details matter

giphy (3).gif

Make sure to edit your profile for spelling and formatting. Even if you have great qualifications for a job, if your profile is riddled with spelling errors and unstandardized formatting, it will discredit your expertise. Don’t overlook the small things, like making sure all your bullets are the same, spacing is even, verb tenses are consistent and capitalizations make sense. While it’s not necessary to use AP style, it might be a good idea to show that you understand the rules of writing press releases.

Overall, if you can make these few fixes, you will have a killer LinkedIn and get ahead of your competition. Now go get hired!

giphy (4).gif

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