Internship Spotlight: Bailey Briscoe, Finish Line

Bailey Briscoe, a senior journalism student specializing in public relations, talks about her summer internship at Finish Line’s corporate office.

When I tell people I am interning at Finish Line this summer, they automatically assume I’m working in one of their stores. This is mostly because not many people are aware that FINL’s corporate office is located in Indianapolis. This makes it a great opportunity for Hoosier natives (like me) that want a corporate experience but aren’t quite into the idea of Chicago or New York living. The environment of the office is so laid back – yes, people wear sneakers to work – and I’ve yet to meet an unfriendly person. 

The Finish Line lobby, a giant shoe and a reminder to “deliver the epic finish” every day. 

As FINL’s corporate communications intern, I do a variety of things that mostly revolve around internal communications. With nearly 1,000 employees across several different departments, including a distribution center, there is a lot of work that goes into making sure everyone is singing the same tune and staying connected. My daily tasks include media monitoring and maintaining our corporate social responsibility email. At the end of each week, I compile stories I’ve gathered that mention Finish Line, competitors, any of our brand partners (Nike, Adidas, etc.) and important industry news. I send those out in what we call a “News Digest” to the entire company so that they can stay up-to-date with what’s happening in our industry. On any given day, I could also have things like “New Faces, New Places” to write, which are short pieces introducing new hires to the company, or the monthly “Spotlight on Talent” that showcases a store employee who goes above and beyond. I’m also working on some social media projects for LinkedIn and Twitter. 

In addition to those tasks, I serve on the Fun Committee, which is a group that is tasked with organizing events for the office as a way for employees to come together and enjoy a break from work. These events are usually held once a month, and I just recently held my own event before the July 4th holiday. I organized a watermelon eating contest, which was a lot of fun and so rewarding to see everyone having such a fun time with it. We are also hard at work planning Summer Fest, which is a giant cookout for the entire company with food and fun activities. Event planning was something that I had very little experience with before this internship, and I am quickly learning that there is a lot of work that goes into pulling off a successful event. 

My big, summer-long project requires me to dig into FINL’s company intranet. This is not something I would have considered in the realm of corporate communications before taking this internship, but after having a better understanding of the job role it makes sense. The intranet is where all the documents, resources and and tools live for employees to access. My job is to take a hard look at a couple of the pages, meet with the people who own that content and eventually create a new, more streamlined site map. 

Pro tip: Get to know your fellow interns. You might make some new friends. 

Another piece to this internship experience is getting to take part in a case competition with the other 21 interns. We were given a topic at the start of the internship and divided up into small groups to create a plan based on that topic. We will present our ideas to a room full of executives and leaders within the company during our final week at Finish Line. The cool part is that everyone at the company is so willing to meet with us and share their insight. And, my fellow interns are pretty great, too!

Overall, this internship is teaching me A LOT about time management, prioritizing and communications in the corporate world. In addition to the skills I am building, I am having a ton of fun and meeting some really wonderful people.  

Are you a PRSSA member with a fun summer internship? We want to spotlight you next. Email for more details. 


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