Senior Spotlight: Abby Chason


Abby Chason

Incoming Communications Intern, Bunk1

Major: Journalism

Specialization: Public Relations & Advertising

Minor: Human Development & Family Studies 

Bio: I have loved every minute of my time at IU. Throughout my four years, I have been able to get involved with so many things including Greek life, IUDM, Her Campus, College Lifestyles, as well as PRSSA. 

What will you miss most about IU?

The two things I will miss the most are the wonderful people that have impacted my life and the thousands of opportunities that IU brings with each day. In no other place in my life will I be able to randomly decide to see a Broadway show, visit new art exhibits, take a stroll on a nice day with my closest friends or just lie out on a boat and forget about the rest of the world. I’m going to miss having so many opportunities at my fingertips, without even leaving campus.

What are your career goals?

After my summer internship in NYC, I’d love to see myself either staying in New York or settling closer to home in Boston. I’d love eventually working in healthcare or nonprofit communications, or for a company I am extremely passionate about.

How has PRSSA helped you during your time at IU?

My best memory with PRSSA was the Half Day with a Pro event. This event was extremely helpful in allowing me to shadow and see the day-to-day work of a person in my potential field.

What advice do you have for rising seniors?

Career counselors can help a lot with the job application process. I didn’t start going until this past semester and highly encourage others to get a head start by meeting with a career counselor as soon as possible. They are super encouraging and help a ton! Senior year can be overwhelming, but also try to enjoy and make the most of it. Seize every opportunity.


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