Senior Spotlight: Maggie Stephens


Maggie Stephens

Incoming Sales and Business Development Representative, Oracle

Major: Journalism

Minor: Marketing and History

Bio: I joined PRSSA as an eager, confused freshman. I had recently switched my major to journalism and was fairly certain that I wanted to go into PR. Joining PRSSA validated my career choice. I enjoyed being a member so much that I wanted to be more involved, so I applied for the executive board. I served as vice president for two years and am currently serving as president. I have been involved with the One Day In April, The Tab, Mindfire and IU Cinema committees over the past four years.

What impact has PRSSA had on you?

PRSSA has helped me evolve into a real professional. I learned how to write a resume, what to wear to an interview, how to answer tough questions and how to stand out at your job. I would not have had the professional opportunities I have been honored to have without the professional development skills I acquired from PRSSA.

What are your career goals?

Be the CEO of Chili’s. Just kidding. Sort of. I don’t have really specific career goals. I just want to be successful, but most importantly, happy. My goal is to have a job that I truly love going to every day. When I don’t dread Mondays, that’s when I know I will have met my goal.

What is an important life lesson you learned during your time at IU?

I learned how important it is to step out of your comfort zone. I am completely a different person than I was when I first stepped onto IU’s campus my freshman year. I credit this to doing things that challenged me and surrounding myself with people who motivated me to try new things. From moving to Chicago the summer after freshman year on my own to traveling across Europe, I took risks and pushed my own boundaries. I learned so much about myself and grew into a person I am happy with being. Stepping out of my comfort zone gave me some of the best memories I will have for my whole life.

What advice do you have for rising seniors?

I could give a super academic- or professional-related piece of advice, but I won’t. Instead, I would advise rising seniors to take advantage of being a senior. Go tailgating. Spend Thursdays (and Fridays and Saturdays) out with your friends. Go on a fun trip. You will never get this time back, and you don’t want to graduate saying, “Man, I wish I would have gone to that basketball game instead of sitting on my couch eating Pizza Rolls.”

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