Half Day with a Pro: Recap

By Miranda Haryanto

Bloomington, Ind. – On Friday, April 1, I went to People & Animal Learning Services (PALS) for the PRSSA’s Half Day with a Pro event. Lindsay Nash, the Development Director of PALS was the professional I’m assigned with.

PALS is a non-profit organization that provides therapy services for at-risk youth, veterans and individuals with a variety of disabilities through horse back riding. I got the chance to take a tour of the barn, followed by learning session with Lindsay, and concluded with lunch at the Tudor Room.

From the Half Day with a Pro, I learned the different structures between an in-house agency, and a non-profit organization. In an in-house agency, it is hierarchical structure, more likely to have overtime, and you will work in faster phase. In a non-profit organization, there is no hierarchy because less people working in the organization, less likely to have overtime, and the working phase will not be as fast as an agency. Not only that, Lindsay also gave me some tips in building a resume and cover letter.

“When your resume is organized, your resume will looked more professional and it will surely catches the recruiter ‘s attention,” said Lindsay.

On top of that, I got the opportunity to gave feedback on PALS’s website and discuss it with Lindsay.

After I attend the Half Day with a Pro, I know how the public relations and communications function works within a non-profit organization. I think, Half Day with a Pro had given me such an invaluable experience.


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