Senior Spotlight: Tori Lawhorn


Tori Lawhorn

Incoming Brand Marketing Intern, Cook Medical

Major: Journalism, Communication & Culture

Specializations: PR and Advertising

Minor: Psychology

Bio: During my sophomore year, I had the pleasure of being the co­-director of programming along with fellow IU alumna, Becca DuPont. Next year, I became the president of IU PRSSA. As a senior, I was able to close out my final year with IU PRSSA as its director of alumni engagement. I was also heavily involved in the programming, Miss IU, and Ketchum Mindfire committees.

What classes or professors did you find most helpful in your PR studies here at IU?

To any aspiring PR professional not only do I recommend taking the foundations of PR class, but the ones I took, “Public Relations Campaigns” and “Public Relations Planning and Research,” allowed me to take the foundations of PR I learned in the introductory class and apply them strategically to real­ world examples, including a PR campaign I got to pitch a real client, the Monroe County Public Health Clinic. Both these classes, I feel, have better prepared me for a career in the communications field because of the real­world applications both classes provide.

What is your favorite PRSSA memory?

Definitely the annual Holiday Party. Loved seeing all of the ugly Christmas sweaters!

What are your future career goals?

In the future, I would like to move into a corporate communications project management role or a role that specializes in corporate communications crisis and risk management. I think working at Cook Medical will be a great jumpstart to accomplish this goal.

What advice do you have for rising seniors?

The cookie­-cutter internship at a PR agency is not the only route to go for a start to a professional career. Any organization, company, or group needs communications people. Look into non­profit, corporate, and higher education as well. As long as you can get a job or an internship in the communications field that is giving you relevant, professional experiences, you’re doing a great job. Additionally, use,, and the IU MyJobs website to search for jobs; don’t just go on the company website.

Stay connected with Tori post-graduation at


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