Boys and Girls Club: Recap

On Friday, February 27, members of PRSSA headed out to the Boys and Girls Club in Ellettsville, Indiana to teach youngsters ranging from early middle school to early high school, what public relations is and the importance of social media. PRSSA members went over the pros and cons of social media while also discussing some do’s and don’ts to take into account before posting. Some of these included:

Do present yourself in a positive light

Do connect with others with similar interests

Do learn by receiving news and information

Don’t put down others and bully

Don’t post something inappropriate that you wouldn’t want a family member to see

Don’t state personal information such as address, phone number, security information


After a brief presentation, the kids put their new skills to the test. PRSSA displayed tweets from celebrities and the everyday people to decide whether to “tweet it, delete it, or edit it.” The group broke up into smaller groups to discuss, they then each shared what decision their group reached and the explanation behind it based on what they learned.

At the conclusion of the lesson, the kids went around the room and gave input on what social media persona they want to be. Some wanted to post about sports, videogames or the ever popular Netflix. They asked a few last questions on what is and is not appropriate to post before we wrapped up headed out!


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