Student Spotlight: Addie Beaulieu

Addie Beaulieu

Journalism with a concentration in PR and minors in sports marketing and management 

Other campus involvement: member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Box Office clerk at IU AuditoriumScreen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.15.34 AM

Internship: Marketing with IU Athletics

Describe yourself:

Through PRSSA I have been able to strengthen my writing, management and event planning skills. I have been able to meet and work with people who are interested in the same career path and who all possess the drive and motivation to get them ahead. I love to get involved and stay busy but in my free time I enjoy exploring Bloomington, sampling different cuisine on 4th Street and pretending I’m a contestant on Master Chef while watching Gilmore Girls for the 13th time.

Career goals:

I plan on pursuing a career in public relations and/or marketing. I would prefer to either work for a corporation or an agency.

What are you looking forward to with PRSSA?

I look forward to getting to know and work with people who share the same goals that I have. The members of PRSSA motivate me to do what it takes in order to get ahead, while being able to gain hands on experience and develop priceless skills.


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