3 Media School classes you should take

The creation of Indiana University’s Media School in Fall 2015 has been nothing short of awesome for students in the communications field. Classes covering everything from journalism to advertising, graphic design, communications law, video production, and more are now conveniently united under one umbrella after being separated into different schools for years.

When it comes to choosing which of these classes to take, however, things might get a little tricky. It sometimes seems that there are too many incredible learning opportunities, especially if you have a wide range of interests and like to try new things.

So If you’re having some trouble planning your schedule, PRSSA Hoosiers, fret not! Here are three tried and true classes to check out:

A337 with Professor Robert Affe

Otherwise known as Electronic Media Advertising, this course is a no-brainer if you see yourself as a modern-day Don Draper (referring to his creative ad genius, of course). You’ll learn about the basics of ad lingo and what makes this ubiquitous business so significant in our media-saturated society.

Professor Affe has loads of experience working in television media, advertising, and has even worked as a hiring manager in the field. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is truly dying to share with his students and a bonus in taking his class comes from his lectures on résumé building and cover-letter writing. You’ll get the inside scoop on what hiring managers want to see from you when you’re applying for an internship or job and how to combat those pre-interview jitters. This is a course designed to teach you life and industry skills, what more could you want?

P331 with Professor Susan Kelly

Whether you’re the kind of person that watches a movie and spends more time analyzing the plot points and scoffing at on-the-nose humor than enjoying the film or you’re an absolute scriptwriting novice, it doesn’t matter. Intro to Scriptwriting is an absolute blast for anyone that likes to write and appreciates a good story structure. You’ll get a rare opportunity to create a full-length spec script for a TV show episode with guidance and support from Professor Kelly, an industry professional.

Professor Kelly is exceptionally hilarious and loves teaching this course. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself actually looking forward to going to her class! It’s usually capped at a small size to keep the working space close-knit. If you don’t love other people reading and critiquing your work (who does like this?), don’t be intimidated! This class is an intro course for a reason and almost no one has true experience in this field yet. This is a great and exceptionally fun way to expand your writing abilities and your portfolio with an extremely personable and outgoing professor.

L322 with Professor Barbara Cherry

If you have a profound interest in law or history then Telecommunications Policymaking is for you. In this course you’ll study the way American media has manifested, developed, and grown from as early as the 1600s up until modern day. You’ll debate the moral and ethical implications of technology and consider the dilemmas we are up against today, in particular the case on net neutrality.

If you’ve been following the net neutrality debate that’s been going on in Washington D.C. for the past several years, then it might interest you to know that Professor Cherry has worked for the FCC and is a leading expert on this case. She is still involved in the ongoing case and is an adamant defender of internet freedom. That’s right, this is one cool and established lady and she’s teaching a class on real-life, real important issues that she happens to be very qualified in.


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