PR Lessons from Your Favorite Holiday Characters

By Melanie Metzman

  1. Like the Grinch, prepare for any situation

Remember how the Grinch in Whoville prepared for any positives, negatives, supporters and naysayers? In PR you must do the same. PR is a crazy world and you never know what’s going to happen next, which is what makes it exciting, but this also means you, as a PR pro, need to be ready for any situation.


  1. Follow Santa, make a list and check it twice

As a kid, you always hear about Santa’s nice and naughty list, which he checks over and over again. Guess what? We can all learn from this attention to detail. Think of Santa as your inspiration when creating media lists, writing emails, etc. Don’t forget to check whatever you’re doing twice twice!


  1. Take some notes from Rudolph, be willing to try something new

We all know Rudolph at first was unpopular and unfamiliar, however, he ended up being the one to save the day on that one foggy Christmas Eve. Trying something new and thinking out of the box at first can be scary, but it can definitely pay off. Try sending press releases out in a new way or change up your marketing strategy. You never know what could happen.



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