Sheila Kulik

Sheila Kulik

Telecommunications major, Business minor, Sociology minor

Other campus involvement: Varsity women’s rowing 2012-2015

Current Internship: Writing and Communications Assistant at Design on Tap in Indianapolis

Describe Yourself: I’m a senior at IU from Ridgefield, Connecticut, a suburb of New York City. I’m a member of the Programming and Development committee and on PRSSA’s INFreeFile team. In my spare time I love to swim, binge-watch Food Network, eat Chipotle, and quote The Office.

What are your career goals?

I’d love to work in corporate PR eventually because I like the idea of being consistent in projects and creating campaigns for one company that I know exceptionally well. After I graduate I’m hoping to move to New York to gain more experience working in an agency first and get a better feel for the industry before deciding what kind of corporation I’d like to work for.

What are you looking forward to with PRSSA?

Spring agency tours in Chicago, building my growing professional network, more boot camps to help with my design skills, and getting to spend time with other students that share the same interests and goals as myself!


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