Top social media mistakes made by college students

  1. Don’t be a Negative Nancy

We have all had our moments where we want to vent to the world about how bad our day was. However, this should never include your former or current bosses. Even if you had just worked a grueling day and aren’t feeling appreciated, one whiny tweet is not worth the risk of losing your job.

Boss Punch2. Sayonara red Solo cup

Most of us have heard this one before, but if cannot be stressed enough. In today’s world, potential employers can screen you with just a few clicks even if you think your settings are on private. If you have pictures with provocative clothing, drugs, alcohol or have something you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your grandma seeing, get rid of it. It reflects a negative image and could disqualify you from the pool of potential candidates.

Beyonce Drunk







  1. Typos no more

Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. Always triple check your spelling in every tweet, Facebook or Instagram post. If a potential employer is reading this and they pick up on multiple typos, it comes across as very unprofessional and you will quickly lose credibility to your personal brand.

Friends Grammar
4. More than just a weekly #TBT

This one is not so obvious, but one of the most important. By engaging in Twitter chats for an event you’re at or posting about a speaker you saw, it shows companies that you participate on social media in a professional way. It goes much further than just talking about the party you went to over the weekend. It gives them an insight into your personality and how you would be in the workplace.

Type with purpose


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