5 reasons why you should join PRSSA

By Allie Hitchcock

To try something new

Let’s be real: When I started my freshman year at IU, I really had no idea what PR even was. But I knew I liked to write, and I knew I liked to communicate with others. Natural match, right? When I was doing my classic freshman call-out meeting blitz, PRSSA got me hooked pretty quickly.

To learn

When my total lack of experience in the field hit me, I realized what an opportunity I had hit upon in joining PRSSA. I took advantage of just about every PRSSA speaker, workshop, and social gathering I could make. By the end of the year, I had dipped my feet in the PR waters that had seemed so mysterious and daunting when I first joined. It was then that I realized just how much I love this organization and career path.


To get real-life experience

What better way to learn than to jump right in? One of my favorite things about our chapter is how widespread and varied our committees are. Whether I was actually a committee member or a supporter from afar, I loved (and still love!) hearing all the accomplishments of our committees working with real clients ranging from movie production groups to non-profit organizations.

To meet like-minded individuals

Through PRSSA, I have met not only people with similar interests and majors as me; I have met friends with values and ambitions that I truly admire—and people who are simply fun to be around!

To catch a glimpse of the future

If the upcoming years of my life look anything like the years I have spent with PRSSA—in the people I have worked with, the job tasks I have tackled, and the long-lasting friendships I have built—it’s safe to say I have picked the right field.




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