Runway Inspiration for Fall 2015


By Adele Poudrier

Well Hoosiers, as fall arrives it seems everything begins to change. The color
of leaves turn to a vibrant red and yellow, the air suddenly isn’t so hot and humid but cool and crisp and fashion trends follow this change. As we pack away our shorts and sandals we begin to wonder what we will be wearing this chilly November. As we scroll through Instagram and see picture after picture of glamorous looks from the runway, it can sometimes be difficult to understand these unique yet sometimes-bizarre looks and how to incorporate these trends into our wardrobe.

So here are some of the easiest trends to follow that will make what you wear this fall have some inspiration from the runway:


  1. The 70s Are In

As 70s inspiration took the runway by the storm last spring and has yet to go out of style. This season, fun unique patterns were seen left and right. Try out a funky patterned blouse with bell-bottom jeans with a chunky heel that will make an outfit that not only stands out, but also is casual enough to wear whenever you wish.

  1. Layer Different Textures

We are all familiar with layering up to keep out the cold, but why not have some fun with it! This season designers brought to light an idea on how to look fabulous and stay warm at the same time. On the runway, designers, especially Prada, were noted for layering different textures from wool sweaters and leather skirts to bold jewelry. The fashion world is encouraging a little bit of everything. Explore with your wardrobe and mix and match pieces you wouldn’t necessarily think would go together. You might be surprised by the unique yet chic layered look you create.

  1. Black, Red and Blush

These color were standouts this season. Of course black is, always has been, always will be “the new black”. However, blush and red may come a slight surprise. Blush, is a softer tone that can look elegant and really bring out certain skin tones. Red on the other hand is bold color that will always turn heads, and this color of fall leaves will be a statement this year. Throwing a dash of red into your outfit whether it’s a handbag or blouse is sure to get some attention.

  1. Bold Patterned Fall Coat

What we wear the most in Indiana in the cold months of October to December are our fall coats. During those months, it’s what we are seen wearing all over campus. It’s easy to go for the black pea coat that will match everything (and isn’t a bad option), but a fun twist for this season is trying out a bold patterned or colored coat. The runway was covered with fall jackets in 3-D designs, psychedelic prints, unexpected color combinations and fun patterns, giving you a number of options for your staple coat this season.

There is no need to try to identically replicate looks from the runway. Often times looks straight off the runways are not meant to be wearable for an everyday look. However, their creations can easily inspire you to try something bold and unique this season. So as you take a trip to the mall or a look in your closet, perhaps you will find yourself creating a look that is unfamiliar yet unexpectedly extraordinary.


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