5 things PR students know all too well

By Kathryn Vance

1. You try to explain to people what PR is and they end up asking “so you’re just in advertising?”

No. It’s not advertising. And it’s not marketing. It’s a crazy combination of both with an extra added challenge of changing people’s attitudes and beliefs about your clients.Gif socil media







2. Your family and friends think that PR is easy work.

Remember how intense Tom Cruise was in Jerry Maguire? That’s because public relations is an extremely focused industry based upon creativity, strategy, and effective communication. It’s not just about talking—it’s about talking strategically.

Legally bLONDE gif







3. You have taken an entire course focused on social media and the metrics behind them.

Of course everyone knows how to use Twitter and Facebook, but PR students know how to use HootSuite, Facebook Analytics, and TweetDeck. Analytics are not just about how many people like your posts. Retweet me so I know it’s real.

social media mogul







4.You secretly love when a company has a communications crisis.

You always know that you’re going to get to discuss everything that went wrong the next day in class. Nothing like getting participation points for talking about how badly DiGiorno’s goofed up on Twitter.

gasp gif





5. Everyone else on campus already has their summer jobs and internships while you’re stressing out waiting for applications to be available.

Most PR agencies (and a lot of corporate positions) release their open positions and applications in January, so your whole fall semester is spent in anticipation of what’s to come. Don’t even get me started on the Kelley students who got their full-time positions offered back in August.

concern gif


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