Branding Yourself 101- The Class You Never Had

By Alexa Tupper

So you want to be a PR pro. You can pull off business clothes better than Olivia Pope (well, almost) and you’ve workshopped your resume to perfection. You’re feeling better than Leslie Knope when she met Joe Biden, and all there’s left to do is create your own personal brand on campus. Follow our three steps to maximize your own personal brand of PR.










  1. Social Media

Keep it clean. Sure, you had a crazy night at Roys and that one picture is sooo funny, but would you want your grandma to see it? If the answer is no, keep it off Facebook. Even if your profile is private, assume that everything on the web is permanent and viewable by employers. Googling yourself can be a huge wakeup call.












The same goes for Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat now. Social media is a huge component of what we do as PR professionals, and if you’re using it in a bad way, employers will notice. That being said, have fun with it. You can still retweet the vine of Drake dancing.


drake dancing







2. Email Etiquette

Learning to communicate via email should be a priority from the minute you step on campus as a freshman. Professors expect professional and polite emails, and some unspoken rules come along with that territory.

-Always have a subject line

-Use a respectful greeting and a formal title if the situation calls for it

-Close the email politely

-Create an email signature that shows off your leadership positions and major











3. Make a Name For Yourself

Now that you have the basics of communicating who you are and what you’re about, take the next step and start getting involved. Even if you don’t have an internship, you can maximize your professional opportunities through group projects and meeting with professors outside of class. College is the time to begin networking and making contacts that you’ll carry with you once you graduate. You’ve made a great decision by joining PRSSA, now go out and get hired.


Money Dance






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