Brent Jackson

Brent Jackson Photo

Journalism major, Italian and Marketing minors, Public Relations and Advertising specialization

Other campus involvement: University Gilbert & Sullivan Society Public Relations Officer, Account Manager of External Communications for PRSSA’s Greek Media Training Committee



Describe yourself: I am a senior at IU, a self-proclaimed baker, former amusement park carnie (age, weight, and birth month guessing connoisseur), and an Oxford comma enthusiast. As I am in love with the written word of T.S. Eliot, sunrises on the beach (plot twist), Ariana Grande, and espresso chip ice cream; I believe it to be of utmost importance to incorporate each into everyday life.

What are your career goals?

My career goals are to take full advantage of each aspect of the public relations field. As my backgrounds are in nonprofit communication and entertainment PR, I would like to experience all that the field has to offer in order to become well-rounded and pick up new ideas and approaches to serving future clients. Along with becoming better cultivated in the profession, I’d also like to incorporate my Italian minor into the mix, as I am in love with speaking the language.

What are you looking forward to with PRSSA?

Ideally, I would like to gain more experience with event planning, crisis communication, advocating team efforts through a leadership position, and working in a group-oriented environment. Until this point, most of my experience has been of the nonprofit and entertainment nature. Each experience has molded me, in its way, however I am not done growing yet as an aspiring PR practitioner. Therefore, I believe PRSSA will be a crucial building block to aiding the development of myself as a professional.





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