3 Biggest PR myths

By Joe Knight

  1. Any press is good press

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We’ve almost all heard this saying before, that no matter what, having your name, brand, product-something-in the news is good. This is completely false, and not to mention a losing strategy. Bad or negative press not only harms a reputation, but also impacts the future perception of your brand by others.

  1. PR is an easy job and anyone can do it

From the name, public relations sounds relatively simple. However, being in the PR field is anything but, as the job requires proficient writing ability, excellent research skills, and a variety of other traits. Businesses sometimes don’t emphasize how important PR is to maintaining not only good relations with their publics, but ensuring future success as well.

  1. Press releases are useless

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Not only are press releases essential to public relations, they are cost-effective and least time-consuming part of PR. In order to get news out quickly, press releases are PR professionals’ bread and butter, and should be used  first the majority of the time.


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