5 Things to do before you leave PRSSA

By: Katie Hogue

  1. Join a committee


This is the best way to get involved in PRSSA. If you want to get to meet other members in the club and bolster your portfolio, it’s the way to go. Joining a committee will give you hands-on experience working with real clients in areas such as nonprofit work, arts and entertainment, the environment, event planning and more. There’s something for everyone!

2. Attend a holiday party

Holiday Party

PRSSA is not all work and no play. The holiday parties are a great way to de-stress before finals and socialize with everyone. You’ll get to meet a lot of new people outside of your committees and eat some really tasty treats. Networking within the club is just as important as networking outside of the club!

3. Participate in a skills workshop








Skills workshops help you to tighten up your image so that you feel confident and know how to be professional. Sometimes the difference in who gets hired comes down to which interviewee wrote a thank-you note or had the best cover letter. PRSSA skills workshops will prep you with all you need to know to get the job. They cover topics such as interviewing tips, what your resume should look like, how to dress and even basic skills you should know such as Photoshop.

4. Go on an agency tour

Agency Tour







Going on an agency tour with PRSSA will introduce you to professionals in the industry and let you get a first hand look at what they do in their work environments. Attending one can help you to get your name out there and make valuable contacts, or just learn a little more about the profession.  You’ll get to ask them your questions and see how their agency is run. PRSSA goes on agency tours once each semester at companies in Indiana as well as Chicago.

5. Network at National Conference

National Conference

National conference brings together PRSSA Chapters from all over the nation. You’ll meet the professional PR industry rockstars and network like crazy. The conference has Chapter development sessions, guest speakers, workshops and more. You’ll get to build professional friendships and receive insight that you would never be able to get otherwise. There isn’t anything else like it!


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