Megan Tackett – Author Solutions Marketing Intern

Megan Tackett – Author Solutions Marketing Intern


As a lover of books who is hoping to work in public relations, my position as a Marketing Intern at Author Solutions was a perfect fit for me. Author solutions is a self-publishing company for authors looking to keep control of their content and publish inexpensively and quickly.

I work to create emails sent to authors about marketing services that can help sell more copies of their book. I may be sending out emails about offers as simple as free shipping, and sometimes I’ll be advertising press releases or book signing kits.

I’ve learned so much about the publishing process as well as editing and copywriting. In marketing, every word counts. The goal is to appeal to the reader and get your message across quickly and clearly. Being able to write marketing copy is probably the most useful thing I have gained from my experience as an intern; it’s made me a better writer and it will prepare me for a future in marketing.

To go above and beyond in my role, I also helped out the online communications team with an SEO project and I learned about metadata and google analytics too (something I was never interested in before). I also learned more about multimedia by helping out the videographer with setting up equipment and filming projects around the office. I’m so glad I pursued learning more skills and I was able to make lasting professional connections.

My favorite part of my internship is the confidence I’ve gained from collaborating with a team and producing work that I can see in my own inbox. I encourage every college student to apply for internships to learn more skills that you can’t pick up in a classroom.

Megan Tackett is a junior at Indiana University majoring in Journalism with a specialization in Public Relations. She is also pursuing a management certificate through the Liberal Arts and Management Program. This upcoming year Megan plans to serve on the Ketchum Mindfire and Bateman committees.


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