Kathryn Vance – Extol Magazine PR and Advertising Intern

Kathryn Vance – Extol Magazine PR and Advertising Intern


This summer I have worked as a PR and advertising intern for a new, local magazine called Extol (www.extolmag.com). Centered right outside of Louisville, KY, the goal of the magazine is to celebrate the people and businesses that make Southern Indiana great. We do not have a set office location, so my internship has consisted of work at home and coffeehouse meetings at least once a week.

Extol June-July

I have coordinated and worked launch party events for each issue, where we are able to interact directly with our readers and the people featured in our publication. I have also been working on creating an advertising leads list and pitching local businesses as to why they should advertise with us. Because we are a small magazine (circulation about 10,000), we strive to make sure that we are engaging with the community in a variety of ways. In addition to interactive social media platforms, we also collect business cards at our launch parties that we use for raffle drawings.

As the summer has gone on, we have collected several hundred business cards, which I have electronically compiled into a list for future email newsletters. Throughout my time at Extol, I also wrote press releases for each issue and have sat in on and conducted several interviews. I wrote pieces in each issue this summer, in addition to online pieces for our website.BDASI insert

Being a part of this magazine has helped me with a variety of skills including time management and the media side of PR. Because we are not in an office on a typical business schedule, I was put in the position to learn that working on a project in the middle of the night while sitting in bed was a serious reality. A job in public relations is not always a 9-5 position, so I appreciated this as an introduction to the crazy schedules that may come later on in my career.

I am really coming away from this internship with a new sense of public relations and what it takes to be noticed by a publication. I know from the media perspective how engaging a press release must be, and also how to grab the attention of others outside the media circle. These skills, along with the connections I have made, are going to help me down the road in countless ways.

Kathryn Vance is now a senior at Indiana University, majoring in Journalism and specializing in public relations. She is also getting minors in marketing and gender studies. She currently serves as Co-Director of Professional Development within PRSSA and served last year on the Miss IU and One Day in April committees.


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