Melanie Metzman – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editorial Intern

Melanie Metzman – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit


When people think of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, the words that usually come to mind are “bikinis,” “models,” etc.

To an extent this is true, however, now as an Editorial Intern at SI Swimsuit I realize that there is so much more to the job and brand than this.


The number one thing I’ve learned so far is to be organized and prepared for anything because no day is ever the same at SI Swimsuit. However, there were a few general tasks/events going on daily. I organize the fashion closet (see picture below), and also assist with model castings for the 2016 issue. Almost everyday I sit in with Senior Editor MJ Day and other SI Swimsuit Editors as models came in to audition to be in the issue. The models show us their portfolio (known as their “book”) and speak to the Editors about their past work.


It is all super casual, which I found surprising because of what I had read about castings, seen on America’s Next Top Model, etc. After each girl left, the Editors discuss what they liked about her, didn’t like about her, and if she would be a good fit for our brand, for example she needs to have a great personality. These are factors that I had never thought of before when it comes to deciding which models go in the issue.

I also assist in producing content for our blog, Swim Daily. We create an online portfolio for every model that comes in to put on the blog. These portfolios include a video to let viewers get to know the model better, a form she’s filled out with questions like “favorite guilty pleasure” and “favorite body part on a guy,” and a photo gallery (usually from her Instagram). I help film these videos, so I’ve unexpectedly picked up a little bit of production experience with this internship! I’m going to get to write some posts for the Swim Daily blog soon too. I’m excited to add these writing samples to my resume.

Also, a few weeks ago I went on my first ever photo shoot! It was an amazing, crazy and exhausting day (over 13 hours long!). The model, Hannah Davis (the covergirl of the 2015 issue), was the star of the special 4th of July edition of our new Summer of Swim series on our blog. Click to see Part I and Part II of the photo shoot (trust me you don’t want to miss it).

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 7.22.51 PM

I could not be more grateful for this internship. I love being back home in NY, and I honestly believe this has been the perfect start to my career in publishing. The SI Swimsuit team is only four editors, and as their only intern I get to see and work on everything with some of the most talented people in the publishing industry. The experience I’m getting is priceless. I really could not ask for a better internship experience and I cannot wait to see where the rest of this summer leads.

Melanie Metzman is a junior at Indiana University majoring in Journalism and Communication and Culture. She serves as a Director of Communications, and has previously worked as Director of Publicity.


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