Student Spotlight: Megan Gorsky

Megan Gorsky
Journalism major, with a specialization in PR, and a second concentration in Event Planning.
Other campus involvement: Treasurer for Operation Smile Student Association, member of Business Careers in Entertainment.

Photo provided by Megan Gorsky.
Photo provided by Megan Gorsky.

Career goals:
I would love to work for a PR firm in a bigger city. I would love to work with clients such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment, or corporations. In an ideal world, I would also be able to incorporate organizing and planning events for clients as well.

Describe yourself:
I always have a hard time whenever I am told to describe myself, but here it goes. I have lived in the Midwest most of my life, and despite my love for the sun and warm weather, I still chose to go to school here. The two things that can instantly put a smile on my face are my family and country music. I love to socialize and meet new people, but also love lazing around some days (Yes, I am talking about Netflix). I have always had an obsession with weddings ever since I was little and that is where I think I get my event planning interest from.

What are you looking forward to with PRSSA?:
Since this is my first semester involved with PRSSA I want to meet everyone and dive right in by getting involved with various projects and events!

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