Dittoe PR Tour Recap

By Alexea Candreva.

Indianapolis, Ind. – If you’re seeking experience at a small agency that specializes in media relations (and is chock-full of some lovely IU alumni), then Dittoe PR could be the place for you. On Friday, Feb. 13, I visited Dittoe with seven fellow PRSSA members from the Beth Wood Chapter at Indiana University. We set out bright and early in the negative 5 degree weather and headed north. We were greeted warmly by Senior Account Managers Ashley Eggert and Michelle Bower (both IU alumna).

IU PRSSA members snapping a quick photo with recent IU grade, Becca DuPont (pictured: middle).  Picture by Tori Lawhorn.
IU PRSSA members snapping a quick photo with recent IU grade, Becca DuPont (pictured: middle). Picture by Tori Lawhorn.

Ashley and Michelle showed us around the office, which is currently spread across multiple floors in a renovated church. However, the company is in the process of relocating, and they are very excited to soon have a trendy, innovative new space. Both Ashley and Michelle described Dittoe as having a fast-paced, tech-focused environment. It was founded as a startup in 1999 by Liza and Chris Dittoe (also both IU alumni) who originally ran the agency from their basement. Dittoe employees now work with a large variety of clients from ExactTarget to Green B.E.A.N. Delivery to Klipsch. They focus on media relations, but, as Michelle told us, they sort of do “everything under the sun” for their clients.

In addition to sharing details about Dittoe with us, Michelle and Ashley had some amazing insights for students currently applying and interviewing for jobs at PR agencies. Former PRSSA member and current Dittoe Junior Account Executive Becca DuPont joined us and gave us invaluable tips as well. Here are the most important things I learned from our conversation:

Be a strong writer and have writing samples. Bringing a variety of writing samples into an interview (and knowing why they relate to your experiences) can make all the difference.

Read everything. Even read things you normally wouldn’t. There is so much content out in the world that can help you become a stronger writer and communicator. Even if you haven’t had the experience yet, reading about hot topics in PR is a great way to stay informed and know what you’re talking about.

Be able to SPEAK to your experiences. Just listing experiences isn’t good enough and won’t land you the job. You need to be able to explain what you did, why it mattered, and what results came from it.

– Do your research. Before you apply for a job or go to an interview, gather all the information you possibly can about the agency. Know what clients they are currently working with, recognize their past campaigns, and learn what they do differently.

For more details on Dittoe, visit their website.


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