Media Pitching 101: Jason Mollica Chat Recap

By Dan Szwiec.

Bloomington, Ind. — On Wednesday, Feb. 11, IU PRSSA members had the opportunity to learn from Jason Mollica, president of JRMComm, a New York-based PR and marketing consulting agency, during an hour-long Skype session.

Mollica focused on pitching content to media, and he walked through his fours steps of pitching, and gave us some insight into what exactly makes a story important to the media. It was an entertaining and informative talk that allowed us to see what speakers at past PRSSA National Conferences have talked about. The four steps Mollica touched on are:

1. Research: Look into the people and publication you’re pitching to; ask colleagues if they’ve dealt with this outlet before, and look online to see what you find so you can come prepared

2. Respect: A good PR practitioner should respect who they’re pitching to because they’ll be able to tell if you don’t. Understand that they’re under deadline, so keep it short and be able to work around their schedule.

3. Outreach: When it comes to actually reaching out to the media publication, be precise and confident. Practice your pitch before and make sure you know every detail, and any possible question the journalist or may have.

4. Results: The last step is results, and measuring those results. You should measure any engagement and impressions. If necessary, follow up with the publication you reached out to.

Some other important notes:

– Never assume your story will get placement

– Pitching television stations is different than pitching print- bigger stories for print, answer to print media first

– Radio interviews can be a good avenue for storytelling

– Never engage in combative posting with journalists, media outlets on social media

I was really impressed with everything Mollica said, and look forward to putting his tips to use. I encourage everyone to follow Jason on Twitter and Facebook for more useful information, and to use as a resource for any questions regarding PR, media pitching, and personal branding. The Skype session was a huge success, and we look forward to next month’s event!


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