Trendy Minds Tour Recap

By Lauren Mintzer.

Indianapolis, Ind. — If you’ve ever wondered what your life would be like working at a full service agency, keep on reading. On Wednesday, November 12, I attended an agency tour with five other PRSSA members from the Beth Wood Chapter at Indiana University. We took the day off school and traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana to meet with Brittany Yancey, Account Supervisor, and Jillian Wyatt, Account Director. From the outside, TrendyMinds looks like all other buildings in the city of Indianapolis, but after walking through the front door those perceptions quickly diminished; the office felt friendly and comfortable.

TrendyMinds is a vastly growing agency currently occupying two buildings complete with full kitchens, a green room, over 5 different meetings areas, and iPads around the office in order to accurately schedule meeting times and places. You could say this agency is extremely social media forward and has all of the hottest new devices. (We were told that have so much new technology it is sometimes difficult to keep up with how to use all of it!)

During my visit, I was given a tour of both buildings and was given the opportunity to meet almost all employees. I felt very welcome and could see my myself working for a full service agency like TrendyMinds in the future. I was fortunate enough to sit through two different presentations from employees who work with corporations such as Eli Lilly and Indiana University Health.

Before I left, my peers and I were given the chance to have a question and answer session with 5 TrendyMinds employees. The most important things that I learned from this experience were

  1. Get the experience. Whether that be through an internship, nonprofit work, etc., experience makes you marketable.
  2. Stand out! Have your own projects or presentations you can share with a company – it makes you seem dedicated to people who otherwise do not know you.
  3. Ask questions. There is no dumb question and the more you ask, the more knowledge you will come out with.
  4. Take a variety of classes in journalism, communications, marketing, advertising, etc. This devotion speaks to a company and demonstrates your passion to learn about other related fields.
  5. Not all internships/jobs will be what you want but if you keep working towards your ultimate goal it will work out in the end.
  6. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! Use your resources!

To learn more about TrendyMinds, check out their webpage.


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