4 Ways to Leave Your Internship on a Good Note

By Emma Tiernon.

Many of us spend the semester balancing school and an internship. Want to leave a long-lasting impression on your employer? Here’s 4 ways:

Source: House of Cards, Netflix.

1. Hand out business cards
If you have a personal business or professional card, hand them out! An alternative to this is giving them the link to your online portfolio. Either way, employers can look back and remember the extra step that you took. It never hurts to go above and beyond.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, NBCUniversal.

2. Treats
On the last day of your internship, get your boss a small gift. This will serve as a token of appreciation and can be anything from a doughnut or gift card to something more personal. Include a thank you note and write down things that you’ve learned and will take away with you.

Source: 71st Golden Globe Awards, NBCUniversal.

3. Thank your co-workers
Whether you worked with other interns your age or under other employees in the company, say thank you to everyone when you leave. Even if you did not have a ton of direct contact with a person, thank them for the example they set for you or always being available to answer questions.

Source: House, NBCUniversal.

4. Lastly, always follow up with an email.
Thank your employer again within 48 hours of your last day and ask them to keep you in mind for a job opening. Hopefully they will stay in touch and you can use them as a professional reference or contact. To go the extra mile, grab coffee with them once or twice a year to keep them updated and gain advice!


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