Student Spotlight: Chrissy Edgington

PRSSA Student Spotlight is a new initiative that aims to acknowledge those who go above and beyond in our organization. We are so excited to introduce Chrissy Edgington, an active member within our IU Cinema committee:

Chrissy Edgington, Sophomore. 
Marketing major, with a minor in Spanish.
Other Campus Involvement: Director of Marketing for Hoosier Fair Trade Organization, Kelley Honors Student

Photo provided by Chrissy Edgington.
Photo provided by Chrissy Edgington.
Career Goals:
I’d like to end up with a job that enables me to use my creativity and writing skills to create work that I’m proud of. My dream career entails working in the marketing department at Marvel comics, but as long as I’m working for a company that I respect, and one that allows me to utilize what I’ve learned at the Kelley School of Business, I’ll feel satisfied with where I’ll end up.

Describe yourself:
I’m always terrible at describing myself, but I suppose that I’d say I’m a dedicated business student with a dry sense of humor and a style that can best be described as homeless chic. I dig nerdy pop culture, green tea, comic books, and the Beatles, and I find myself far more hilarious than anyone else does.
I’m not entirely sure what career I’d like to pursue after graduation; thankfully, I don’t need to have my mind made up just yet. Above all else, I am passionate about writing and helping others, and I love that my involvement with the PRSSA and the Hoosier Fair Trade Organization enables me to pursue both of those passions. Ultimately, I hope to graduate with honors in 2017 and someday drive a DeLorean at 88 mph.

What are you looking forward to with PRSSA?:
I’m excited at the prospect of further strengthening the IU Cinema’s online presence and better promoting the many wonderful screenings the IU Cinema hosts. Additionally, I’ve created a mock-up design for a blog that would include photos of upcoming films and guests, quotes and photos from attendees of IU Cinema screenings, and reviews/promotional articles in relation to IU Cinema events, and the possibility of running and creating content for that blog is something I’m really looking forward to. I’ve already brainstormed ways in which the blog could tie in with IU events and the IU Cinema’s pre-existing social media accounts, and  I can’t wait to implement this idea into the IU Cinema’s current PR strategy.

Contact Chrissy:


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