Borshoff Agency Tour Recap

By Kathryn Vance.

Indianapolis, Ind. — On Friday, October 24, a group of six PRSSA members traveled to Indianapolis to take a tour of Borshoff, an advertising and PR agency.

Account manager, Yolanda White, gave us a tour of the offices where we were able to meet several employees in different departments.

After the tour, we met in the conference room where several of the company’s directors and vice presidents told us about the ins and outs of the company and gave us insights into the world of PR agencies.

Among the speakers that we heard from was Senior Vice President, Katherine Coble, who stressed the importance of having knowledge in a variety of topics in order to be a successful PR practitioner.

“I’ve always loved to write,” Coble said. “But you have to know how to do something other than write. You have to learn something to write about.”

She suggested that we diversify our interests while we’re in college and to take classes that will help us in the real world, such as marketing, business, or psychology.

In addition to Coble, we also heard from Director Lisa Tellus, who said that she has found AP style to be extremely important for PR practitioners to remember. Because we are writing many pieces for the media, we must make sure that we conform to their standards of writing.

For Borshoff, this competency in AP style is important from the beginning. White, who oversees internships, explained that in the potential interns complete a writing test, which focuses on correcting AP style mistakes.

“The test takes about three hours, so it can be very intimidating,” she said. “But if you make it through and you do well on it, you can walk away knowing that you’re really good at what you do.”

White suggests that any student looking for a fast-paced and rewarding job should apply for the opening that they currently have for the spring semester. The internship is part-time and paid. Those looking to apply should visit the company website at, and contact Yolanda White.


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