Summer 2014 Internship Update: Anna Zigmond

Anna Zigmond, Seattle Opera Development Intern.

The experience I’ve had this summer in the beautiful city of Seattle has been so incredible, I don’t want it to end! Interning in Development for Seattle Opera, one of the leading opera companies in the US, has been an unforgettable experience. As a dancer, non-profit lover, and Journalism student, it was the perfect fit.

I’ve been exposed to a variety of jobs and projects over the summer. Some days I’ll be drafting letters, sending out communication, calming down donors over the phone (the ULTIMATE intern experience, let me tell you!), or tending to one of the more glamorous parts of my job; working in special events. I’ve met artists from all over the world and have interacted with donors and sponsors from companies such as Delta, Microsoft, and Boeing. That being said, I’ve had to go on multiple coffee runs as well, but it’s Seattle coffee, so I’m not complaining.

Working for a non-profit has always been a job I’ve wanted. It’s amazing to see the passionate and creative atmosphere alive in the office to get opera out into the world. However, I’ve also seen the stress that hovers over the office. As a non-profit, not having the resources and funds you need is a vicious cycle and a daily struggle, but I’ve been lucky enough to see how my co-workers find laughter in tough times, roll with the punches, and push through.

10455965_10201367566950279_4684704257100728272_n-1When I told my peers that I was leaving to go to Seattle for a summer internship after finishing my freshman year, many of them asked, “Why now? Don’t most people start interning their junior year?” What I can say now that my summer is coming to an end is that this was the best decision I could have made. My advice to any incoming freshman would be: If you want the experience, go for it. It doesn’t matter what age you are, as long as go after it and work hard, no one is stopping you. Because of this job, I have grown so much. Being on my own in a big city has opened so many doors for traveling and networking. During my time here, I’ve been to places such as Vancouver, B.C, the San Juan Islands, and Snoqualmie Falls. I’ve climbed mountains and have made lifelong friends with people from all over the world. I’m even friends with the bus driver on my commute (Shout out to Gary!). All in all, Seattle has been an amazing experience! And yes, you guys, Macklemore really is everywhere.

Anna Zigmond is currently a sophomore at Indiana University, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Spanish. She is a PRSSA member, and serves as Ventures Director of Nourish International at IU.


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