Summer 2014 Internship Update: Dan Szwiec

Dan Szwiec, LeaseMaid Intern.

This has been such a great summer with unexpected experiences, because I’m working for a startup called LeaseMaid, which is a software program for landlords, realtors, and property owners. We’re currently in the final weeks until the day we present our business to potential investors. We’ve been fortunate enough to have been accepted to a startup accelerator, Coolhouse Labs, in Harbor Springs, Michigan. We’re sharing an office space with seven other startups, and it’s been an amazing experience seeing how the business started, and what it takes to be successful.

imageMy favorite thing of the whole experience is that there’s no typical day for me. One day I’ll be writing a business plan for potential investors, and the next I’ll be interviewing a retired professional who has more money than I’ll ever make. Because of this, I’ve gotten to mix different aspects of PR and marketing in hopes of getting our company name out there and bringing in investments. I’ve written plenty of press releases, come up with media kits for different publications we’re trying to reach, but I still haven’t had to get coffee for anyone yet. Hopefully I do just so I get the full internship experience, and if I do, hopefully I get yelled at for getting the wrong kind. That would make my summer.

On top of working here in Harbor Springs, I’m also living in a really nice house with my co-workers. We’ve been able to get to know each other really well, which has helped how we work and get things done together. The town also has a lot to offer in terms of outdoors activities so we’ve done our fair share of swimming, jet skiing, and basketball. But the real highlight is the numerous ice cream and fudge shops they have here in town.

If anyone wants some good Michigan fudge, just let me know, but just a heads-up I’ll eat it all before I get home.

Dan Szwiec is currently a senior at Indiana University, majoring in Journalism, specializing in Public Relations and Advertising while minoring in Spanish and Human Resources. Dan currently serves as Co-Director of Programming for IU PRSSA.


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