Summer 2014 Internship Update: Melanie Metzman

Melanie Metzman, Black Frame NY Intern.

This summer has been great. Since May, I’ve been living in New York and interning at Black Frame, a fashion, art/design, and lifestyle public relations firm. We have some amazing clients like Nicholas Kirkwood, Nike, and Rodarte, so work is never boring! I work almost solely on the Nike account, so I’m always busy.

My job is mainly assisting in managing the showroom, where we keep all the designer clothing samples to send out to various publications and celebrities. I make sure everything is going in and out to the right places, as well as keep the showroom and samples organized. We have a lot of editors from fashion magazines and celebrity stylists coming in to see the clients’ latest collections and choose pieces for upcoming photo shoots or red carpet appearances. M.I.A. and her stylist came in earlier this week! So crazy. I also chart client coverage, which Nike gets a lot of. There’s definitely never a dull moment.

I also do typical intern work, like running errands, but for me this means I get to do things like go to the Vogue Magazine office in Times Square. Last time I was there, I saw Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue. Anyone interested in fashion knows how big of a deal this is.

IMG_1921I love fashion, and I hope to work in the industry one day, so this internship is a dream come true, however, life after work is even better. Living in New York for these past few months has been the best part of the experience. I love the city. It’s so culturally rich, and there’s always something unique happening. The Pride Parade was insane (see photo)! A few weeks ago, I won free tickets to Shakespeare in the Park’s Much Ado About Nothing. Watching Shakespeare in an intimate theater in Central Park as the sun sets is indescribably wonderful. As for the food, all the restaurants are amazing (of course), so my foodie side is happy too.

This has undoubtedly been one of the best summers of my life. I feel like a real New Yorker. I’m so lucky to have this opportunity, and I’m already planning to return the city next summer for another internship. For more info on Black Frame, check out the website: (We run an awesome Instagram account, by the way. Shamelessly self-promoting, woo!).

Melanie Metzman is currently a sophomore at Indiana University, majoring in Communication & Culture and Apparel Merchandising. She serves as Co-Director of Publicity for IU PRSSA.

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