2014 Senior Involvement Essays: Why join PRSSA?


There are many fantastic reasons to be a part of PRSSA but of course we can always think of more! The chapter asked some 2014 grads how they benefited from their involvement in PRSSA. Here are excerpts from their responses:

“PRSSA introduced me to some of the best people I know and some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I know that some of these friendships will not end just because my college career is coming to a close. #PRSSAforever.” -Becca DuPont

“I’ve gone to several different events and always come out of them with new advice and knowledge on how to work in the world of public relations. Being a member of this group has helped me gain confidence in myself as a PR professional.” -Alexas Gregory

“Whereas I used to rely on opportunities finding me, I now know how to seek out opportunities and professionals that can aid in my search for the perfect career. I will be sure to join PRSA after I graduate, and plan on taking full advantage of the opportunity. “ -Allen Shoup


“By being active in committees, holding a position on the executive board, as well as attending national conferences, I believe that my professional development has been jumpstarted in ways I never imagined.”- Kate Wickwire

“PRSSA has opened my eyes to the various opportunities with PRSA. I am eager to join the Chicago PRSA chapter upon graduation. I plan to become actively involved with the chapter’s Young Professional Network. I have learned my lesson; get involved early!” -Elsa Remak

“On a more personal level, I have become such close friends with the other girls on the board. I’ve become inspired by their attitudes, and every time I’m with them I’m reminded of why I love this profession. I largely have them to thank for the confidence to be “fabulous,” in the PR world and every single day. Thanks for the memories, PRSSA!” -Jessica Weimer

“My most rewarding experience with PRSSA has been my involvement in the Bateman competition. Not only did I have the opportunity to mesh with driven, budding public relations stars (most of the time), the competition served as practical experience with realistic outcomes through a six-month campaign.” -Mitchell Paul


“..As I leave IU to write my next chapter in my life, I take with me not only the skill and value of being Beth Wood’s Director of Publicity, the chair of two committees, and the ultimate honor, a Bateman Competition survivor, but a personal satisfaction. This organization is not just about professional development, but rather how and with whom you develop yourself through public relations.” -Kaylee Stubblefield

“For me, it’s the little things that have really made a difference. It’s all about the tips. I can read a snippet about interviewing, communication or even just advice for the job search and feel that I have learned something. I also enjoy having conversation with people who are more involved with PRSSA than I am. Even though I can’t do more, they provide me with the insight I lack.” -Taylor Hamilton

“I have also created many relationships through PRSSA, with both committee members and my executive board. Not only have these friendships given me great memories and fun times, but it has been wonderful to connect with a group of people that have the same struggles, thought processes and always know what you’re going through job-wise.” -MaryClaire Cieply


“One workshop that I particularly valued was the Young Professionals Workshop. At this event, I had the opportunity to network with an employee at BLASTmedia. Later that semester, BLASTmedia offered me an internship for the spring semester. I attribute my opportunity to network and success in finding the perfect internship for me to IUPRSSA.” -Elisabeth Klisser

“I have developed lifelong friendships as a result of my involvement in PRSSA. Some of my best friends stemmed from this organization. When I look back on my experiences in PRSSA, it will be the people I remember the most. Laughing over a cheese ball with executive board. Bonding with my Batemates while grocery shopping. Enjoying a Philly cheese steak during lunch at National Conference. Thanks for everything, PRSSA!” -Christine Spasoff


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