Making the Transition: PRSSA to PRSA


The end of the school year is approaching fast, and for seniors that means graduation and then transitioning into the workforce.

Although this can be stressful or overwhelming at times, it is helpful to remember that your time as a PRSSA member allows you to now join the PRSA, which can be a great resource as you search for jobs and start your career.

So where do you start? The PRSA website is helpful and lays out your next steps. The first thing you can do is to join PRSA National as an Associate Member. Being a previous member of the PRSSA reduces your membership fees to $60. This can be done up to 5 months before graduation, which is convenient because membership can be an integral part of your job search and beyond.

Some benefits of being a PRSA member:

• The PRSA Jobcenter lists a multitude of PR job opportunities.
• Joining the New Professionals Section of the PRSA provides networking and information to people just starting out.
• Joining a local PRSA chapter in the place you’ll be living after graduation provides a community of support from PR professionals who can give you advice specific to your area.

For the links to all of these resources and for more information, click here.

Whatever you plan to do after graduation, or wherever your future job may take you, rest assured that the time and effort you’ve put into the PRSSA has helped you to develop valuable skills and that the PRSA can continue to be a great resource as you make your transition.

Congratulations to the upcoming 2014 IU PRSSA graduates!

– Emily Nelson, PRSSA member


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