IU PRSSA Visits Premier Public Relations Agency

FB_IconLast Thursday I got the opportunity to travel up to Indianapolis with some members of IU PRSSA to visit Dittoe Public Relations Agency. What was once a small brick church on the northeast side of Indianapolis is now a successful, fast-paced public relations agency.

The group was greeted at the door by Dittoe PR’s senior account manager, Nikki Trojanowski, who wanted to give us a tour of the building. The tour of the agency was short- a couple offices located upstairs and a few more in the basement of the building. Despite the old church-like appearance of the exterior, the inside was modern and professional.

After the tour we got to sit down and talk to a couple of Dittoe staff members. This was the most interesting part in my opinion because we got an inside look on how a PR agency functions and what each staff member does.  One of the first questions we asked was, “What does a normal day look like for you?” They said that there was no such thing as a “normal day” in the PR world. Every day presents a new schedule, which is why people who are seeking a career in PR must be able to handle change well.

Another topic we discussed with the staff was how to improve our resumes and make them stand out. Eric Kokonas, another senior account manager at Dittoe, says that when he looks at resumes he likes to see results, not just experience. Instead of saying what you did and what you’ve been involved with on your resume, show how it helped you to move forward with your experiences and even give proof of work that you are proud of. You can have all the experience and involvement in the world, but it won’t matter if you can’t quantify your results from those experiences. Personally, this part of the conversation was very helpful to someone like me. I don’t have a lot of experience related to PR, so it was interesting to hear ways I can make my resume worth reading.

Going into this visit I really didn’t know what to expect from a boutique PR agency, but after hearing from each staff member about what they do individually, I was so impressed by the amount of variety they have on a day-to-day basis. Overall, I’m so happy that I was able to have the opportunity to hear professionals speak about their job and the passion they have for it. It definitely reassured me that I was in the right program here at IU and really made me excited to move further in my PR world experience.

-Alyson Weigel, IU PRSSA Member


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