Why join PRSSA?


There are SO many wonderful reasons to join PRSSA, but we won’t bore you with going over all of them. We’ve gathered some of our personal favorite aspects of PRSSA so you can decide where you will most benefit.

“I joined IU PRSSA because I wanted to get a steady foundation for my future career in PR. I had heard about IU PRSSA’s reputation all the way from Florida. This organization, among other reasons, is one of the things that persuaded me to go to IU. Through IU PRSSA, you get real-world knowledge and first-hand experience from PR professionals, you get to a chance to apply for special internships, and you get to meet a bunch of people who share your interest in PR.” – Co-Director of Programming, Tori Lawhorn

“PRSSA and Bateman, in particular, helped me land an internship this summer at FleishmanHillard in Chicago. As a member of last year’s Bateman competition team, I was able to expand my knowledge of public relations and even dive deeper into specific areas of the field that interested me most. I learned so much about research analytics, how to implement a campaign with serious implications and more. Above all other things on my resume, interviewers asked me about Bateman the most. I am truly able to say that it was extremely beneficial and fun at the same time.” – Treasurer, Jessica Weimer

“I love PRSSA because it is not just an organization, it’s a Society. This means that there is a national network of support behind every member of PRSSA. You truly feel this when you attend a national event, such as National Conference in October. It’s so much fun to network with peers across the country who are just like you. There are also sessions with industry professionals and opportunities to network with these professionals afterwards. If you go on any trip this year, it should be to Philadelphia for National Conference.” – President, Christine Spasoff

“When I first joined PRSSA as a sophomore I was part of the events committee. I helped organize a tour through the creative service department at RTV6 news and at a boutique agency, Dittoe Public Relations. Planning and executing these events required me to reach out to professionals in my field and  grow my professional network. PRSSA is such a great opportunity to hold a leadership position at school which interviewers always look for. I also got my first internship through PRSSA. It’s a great way to network, get professional experience and learn out of class skills.” – Director of Communications, Cassie Ehrhart


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