Online Portfolio Workshop: More than just a Webpage

In the new age world that we are surely all accustomed too, online portfolios are the new norm when it comes to marketing your freshly acquired skills in the jobs-sphere. Erika Lee, developer and lecturer for J360 Web Design, kindly lent her skills on Wednesday night to help us showcase what we have learned, the abilities we have, and why the person looking at your webpage should hire you.

When your potential employers first stumble upon your portfolio they should be taken in awe by a prominent graphic that captures their attention and makes them stay on your webpage. Immediately their eyes should find the two basic elements that your online portfolio should always have: a logo and a tagline. The logo should be you, either in typography, which means your name, or an image, which means your own personal symbol; nonetheless, your logo is your own trademark. The tagline should follow and be a short, snappy story about yourself, which makes your probable employer think of you as a person instead of another piece of

You should then adorn your webpage with accessibly to yourself: contact information, sample work, resume, and a brief profile. These adornments need to be placed tactfully on minimalist theme that doesn’t overwhelm those who look at it, but invites them to explore. Now, this employer will be able to see you in a career, working for them, and offer you a job, making it worth their while because they are looking at your portfolio and liking what they see.

The job market is advancing with the technological world and you, as a prospective hire, need to be able to move with it. An online portfolio is a great way to showcase your skills on more than one level and help you attract your future boss so you may have the career which you have worked so hard for.

For a great example of an online portfolio here is Erika Lee’s at:

Click here to see the presentation Erika Lee used last night.

-Kaylee Stubblefield


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