Writing a Winning Resume

As anyone applying for a job, internship, or even college knows, a resume and cover letter are everything. However, there are people who don’t know how to write an effective one that will land them an interview rather than a spot in the rejection pile.

Luckily, PRSSA held a resume and cover letter-writing workshop on Nov. 13 with Bruce Hetrick from Hetrick Communications. He’s had plenty of experience sifting through resumes and cover letters, so he shared some tips with us. Here are some noteworthy ones:

1.    Customization is important. Tailor your resume and cover letter to fit the job and the company. He proceeded to read us a letter in which the applicant clearly forgot to change the name of the company from the previous resume. Laughs ensued.

2.    Personalize: send your cover letter and resume to a person, not a title. Hetrick then read several letters addressed to “gentleman”, “to whom it may concern” and “dear human resources.” More laughs.

3.    Make it perfect. Spell check and grammar check are your friends. Read your materials aloud and have others read and critique. After all, he said, you don’t want to forget the “L” in “public relations” – things could get ugly.

4.    Show benefits instead of features. Don’t simply list things; explain why your experiences are important and how they will help the company. Also, keep your sentences concise because employers don’t like rambling and redundancy.

5.    Follow up is on you, not the employer. Don’t end your cover letter with “you can contact me at…” or “if you’d to set up an interview, email me at…” because it shows that you’re not very proactive.

 Afterwards, Hetrick met with people individually to critique their resumes. This workshop was definitely an eye opener, and it forced me to make necessary changes to what I currently have and gave me insight into how I can stand out when applying for that ever-important internship.

Alyssa Schor


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