Reflecting on National Conference

This Conference has been a whirlwind of meeting other students, hearing from amazing professionals and exploring San Francisco. It is unlike any other experience I’ve ever had and I continue to be in awe of everything I’ve had the opportunity to do.

One of the main take-a-ways I’ve learned from this Conference is that public relations is all about storytelling. Whether it be that of a brand of yourself, stories are always the focus. There are many different ways to tell a story, like Twitter (we heard from Biz Stone at the Conference) and Google+ (Timothy Jordan spoke on Saturday). But no matter how the message is conveyed, it all comes down to stories. We must be effective communicators to get our point across.

I also learned the importance of taking risks to get ahead. Being in a room of 1,000 other PRSSA members is incredibly overwhelming. These are the people we will be competing for jobs against in the future and the competition is incredibly talented. Because we are all in PRSSA, we have similar experiences on our resume. That doesn’t set us apart. We must be bold and not be afraid to make mistakes. To further demonstrate this point, I thought it was very appropriate that my fortune from my lunch Monday in Chinatown was “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”

I am incredibly thankful to the School of Journalism for the opportunity to attend this Conference. I had an amazing time and learned so much while in San Francisco.

Christine Spasoff



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