The Perspective of Global PR

Shabnam Asthana, director at Empowered Solutions, started off a session about travel with an overview of public relations on a global level. With involvement in different countries comes a greater need to recognize different cultures and ways of life. To be successful when working with other countries, you must be adaptable and do your research. Nothing is more embarrassing than scheduling a meeting with someone in Spain when it is time for a siesta or going in for a hug when a handshake is customary.

Morgan McLintic, executive vice president for Lewis PR, continued the conversation of global research and awareness by describing the typical duties of a global communicator. When working with people other countries, you’ll work with staff in different time zones and languages with varied objectives. Understanding the thought processes behind the people of certain countries and cultures is also vital.He also said you should realize that someone from Brazil may be purchasing a product for different reasons from someone in Italy purchasing that same product. He also included tips for those looking to work in global agencies.

McLintic suggested visiting your target markets while on vacation and mastering at least one other language. It is also necessary to follow global events and study the news and culture in different markets.

Kate Wickwire
Director of Programming

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