Sports Media Panel

On Wednesday, September 26, PRSSA met for the Sports Media Panel.  The event was lighthearted, and rather entertaining.  The three panelists, Jim Lefko (Indy Star Sports Editor), Terry Hutchens (Indy Star IU Beat Reporter), and Dustin Dopirak (Herald Times IU Beat Reporter), spent the night providing students with advice, and swapping stories about their experiences.

Lefko started by emphasizing how important it is to build relationships between PR practitioners, and Journalists.  He set the mood by sharing stories about his relationship with the Colts PR department, telling story after story about his experiences over the years with former Colts President Bill Polian.

Hutchens, and Dopirak continued with the theme of relationships.  They both shared stories of their experiences with IU football and basketball.  Hutchens compared working with Tom Crean to what it was like working with former coach Bobby Knight.  In the end, they reiterated what Lefko said, and Hutchens ended the night by saying, “As a journalist, I am not looking to make a PR person’s job harder, we really just want to work together.”


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