Sports Media Relations from a Journalist’s Point of View

This Wednesday, join our chapter for our Sports Media Relations from a Journalist’s Point of View Panel.  The event will give you a chance to see the industry from the other side.  Come have your questions answered, and network with other students.

The Panel will be made up of two reporters from the Indianapolis Star.  It takes place Wednesday, September 26, in the Oak Room at the IMU.  The event starts at 7pm.

Terry Hutchens

Hutchens has been a sportswriter for the Indianapolis Star since 1991.  He began as the Indianapolis Colts beat writer, and now covers Indiana University football and basketball.  Hutchens has been honored as the Indiana Sports Writer of the Year three times.  He graduated from IUPUI in 1989, and has taught a sports writing course for the last 20 years.

Jim Lefko

Lefko is the Sports Editor at the Indianapolis Star.  He graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Texas in Austin in 1980.  Jim joined the Star in 2000, and was promoted to his current position two years ago.  He has experience writing for several newspapers in Texas and Indiana, and writing for Magazines as well.

Dustin Dopirak

Dopirak is a sports writer for the Herald Times in Bloomington.  He covers Indiana football, and basketball.


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