Executive Board Members Tour Leo Burnett, Zocalo Group

Ellie Barlow, Caitlin Ursini and Carly Garber outside of Zocalo

Carly, Caitlin and I had the opportunity to tour Leo Burnett and Zocalo Group in Chicago on December 2nd with a group of 20 IU journalism students hosted by Professor Craig Wood and Marcia Debnam. Caitlin and I began our morning with breakfast in Lincoln Park and then made our way to meet the rest of the group at Leo Burnett. We began our tour at Leo Burnett with a presentation about the agency’s background. Each student was given Leo Burnett notepads as well as the signature Leo Burnett eraser-less pencil; Leo Burnett believed no idea should ever be erased or forgotten. We also learned about the internship program the agency offers and the ins and outs of the account coordinator position through a Q & A session with six Indiana University graduates.

After the Q & A panel was over, we were given a tour of the different floors within the Leo Burnett office. We were able to see where the creative team works their magic. It was exciting to see all of the different accounts Leo Burnett is in charge of (Special K was my favorite!). Following our tour and Q & A session at Leo Burnett we headed to lunch at Wildberry Cafe. This provided a more informal setting to get to know the IU graduates and their background. Caitlin, Carly and I chatted with Priya Vaswani, a recent graduate who now works at Edelman Public Relations.

Around 2 pm we arrived at our final stop of the day, Zocalo Group. Zocalo is a relatively new and fast growing word of mouth and social media marketing agency. We were able to hear from five employees, two of which were IU graduates. Zocalo focuses on growing word of mouth marketing for their clients through research and blogger outreach. David Spreckman, a recent IU grad, told us about an event in which he reached out to “daddy bloggers” to increase promotion for an event with male razors.

The trip, although quick, was eventful and exciting. I enjoyed meeting IU alumnus who enjoy their professional lives and were interested in giving our group valuable advice.

Ellie Barlow

Vice President


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