Creating Your Online Portfolio

 On Wednesday, Nov. 16, Bruce Hetrick spoke to the Beth Wood Chapter of PRSSA about the importance of portfolios. Hetrick is an award-winning communications strategist who founded and lead Hetrick Communications until it shut its doors earlier this year. He will be teaching the Agency 7 course at IU starting in the spring.
With over 30 years in the industry, including hiring experience, Hetrick knows what to look for in a portfolio. He advises students to have both a print and electronic version so that they have something physical to bring into and interview as well as a link to leave behind afterwards.
Hetrick stressed the importance of having variety, quality and measurability in portfolio pieces.  Since a portfolio is meant to be a snapshot of yourself and your skills, it is important to show the range of experience you have. Hetrick said it is key to include writing, design and social media examples in a communications portfolio. However, he warns students to remember quality matters most. Don’t put a mediocre design in your portfolio if you have writing samples that are stronger. Though variety is important, be sure to showcase your strong points above all else. Hetrick also stresses the importance of including captions with your pieces in order to explain the outcomes in measurable terms. This is where you can include how many followers the company’s Twitter grew by, how many people the newsletter you designed went to or how many times a news release you wrote was picked up. Including this information will set you apart from other applicants.
Here are some tweets from chapter members with more key takeaways from Hetrick’s presentation:
@kbbacher Kaleigh Bacher#Portfolio essentials: #resume, photo, work examples, results of work & contact info. @BruceHetrick @iuPRSSA #PRSSA
@AmyL_Bishop Amy BishopRemember less is more. Show one or two of each kind of communication. @BruceHetrick @iuPRSSA #portfolios #prssa

@CourtneyStiehl Courtney StiehlMust add results to portfolio! Photos of events, followers from social media, etc. Thanks for the advice @BruceHetrick & @iuPRSSA #portfolio

@kbbacher Kaleigh Bacher”Real work with real results count more than classroom projects and grades.” @BruceHetrick #interships #portfolios @iuPRSSA #PRSSA
            Finally, if you needs some tips on making an online portfolio, check out our Prezi from the workshop:

Sarah Thacker

Director of Alumni Relations


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