Sarah Melton Recap

Sarah Melton, IU alum and Director of Communications for the Dallas Mavericks, spoke about her experiences in the sports public relations field and gave advice to about 90 students during a meeting of The Beth Woods Chapter of PRSSA on November 2, 2011.

Melton encouraged students to use all their resources and take any opportunities they could find.

Melton said she turned her passion for sports into an opportunity. She said her love for IU basketball was one of the reasons she attended the university.

“I knew everything there was about basketball, and I had no idea what to do with it,” she said.

Then, she met Kit Klingelhoffer, then with the IU Athletics communications office, who inspired her and showed her what she could do with her knowledge about sports.

“It’s so important to build good relationships with people like that, who can open up opportunities for you,” she said.

Melton told students that having experiences plays a big role when deciding whom to hire in the sports industry. Everyone wants to work in sports, but it’s not that easy.

“There’s so much competition in sports. And the thing is, GPA doesn’t matter as much as any experiences you have,” she said. “When I look for interns, I want to see some sports internships in their resumes.”

She told students to take advantage of the countless opportunities IU has.

“There’s so much here you can experience, so do it. Do it while you can,” she said.

Michael Conley

Director of Communications



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