Larry Weber Recap

Larry Weber spoke to the Beth Wood Chapter on October 19, 2011 about how to create an online presence and use social media effectively. Weber started the W2 Group, a marketing services system organized to help marketing officers, which includes Digital Influence Group, a social media-marketing agency and Racepoint Group, a global public relations agency. Weber told members that he got to where he is today because he “studied media almost relentlessly.”

Weber suggested that members be aware of what social media tools and platforms are out there for them to use. Also, he emphasized the importance of being a good writer and more importantly, being a good creator of online content.

Online we are seeing less text because text is being replaced with visual content, which is why it’s so important to have a base understanding of creating video content.

The key to blogging is incorporating engaging content. This can be done easily with these three tips:

  • Video—keep it short and to the point. Write out a script; do NOT ad lib.
  • Know your audience—People like stats, facts, etc. SurveyMonkey is free so why not create a survey to get the answers to the questions you and your readers have?
  • Promote your media—get it out to other people! Have guest bloggers who have a big following and let people know about your new post via facebook and twitter.

Weber recommends these writers for aspiring bloggers to follow: Paul Gillin, TechCrunch, Jeff Jarvis and Mary Meeker.

Kaleigh Bacher

Director of Membership


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